Kids & Household chores? Those two words don’t go together in the same sentence in most scenarios. Getting some of our kids to do household chores has proven to be one of the hardest things ever!

Some parents don’t see the need to make their kids become involved in chores while the remaining population don’t know how to involve them efficiently.

Chores have lots of positive impact on kids, some of them are:

  • Helping kids to gain confidence while also learning the importance of responsibility.
  • It makes kids feel invested while teaching them to be less self-absorbed and impulsive.

Depending on the age of the kid in question, there are so many activities they can get involved with. E.g Dishwashing (with Morning Fresh of course), Making their beds, taking out the trash, cleaning their rooms etc

It is also key to note that your expectation on their delivery should not be judged at per with an adult. Remember, they are still kids!

Now Ms Morning Fresh wants to share 4 ways to encourage your little ones to love chore time!

#1 Start Early & Make it Fun

When they’re young, kids are often eager to help out, but we often “shoo” them away. Get them to stay and help out with the minutest tasks. Even if it’s holding a towel or helping you pass the brush etc.

Also, make chore times synonymous with fun! It could be spiced up with their favourite songs, cartoon dances etc

#2. Say Thank You!

There’s a certain disposition about children and how they don’t need to be applauded for tasks that they are “meant” to do. Let’s just share here; that is untrue & myopic. A “Thank You” goes a long way with kids, even if it’s for a job that they are supposed to do.

#3 Let Them Make Mistakes

In the early years, when kids are still learning, things will not go according to your well thought out plans. Those mistakes help build resiliency when they are much older and are dealing with bigger issues later in life. Do not yell or make them feel unwanted or useless. Correct them with love!

#4. Rewards Go A Long Way Too

We don’t encourage rewarding your kids for EVERY task done or with money either. However, we do agree that some forms of rewards do help in enforcing that good deeds often bring forth goodies. It could be in form of cookies, their favourite juice, and favourite game etcetera.

Now let’s get those kids to participate! Share this article with a parent who will find this useful this period. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to learn more about Morning Fresh Dishwashing Liquid.