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How long is it for?
The Promo is valid from the 1st of September till the 9th of December.
What is Morning Fresh 30 Million Gang?
The Morning Fresh 30 Million Gang is a promotional campaign to celebrate Morning Fresh at 30. For 30 years, we have worked to deliver on several promises to you. Some of these include superior grease cutting power and being your Kitchen care expert. For staying with us this long, we’re giving back through this campaign.
How do I find Redemption Centres?
You can find a redemption centre close to you by clicking here
Where will you stream the raffle draws
The Live raffle draws will be streamed on our YouTube page @MorningFreshng and also via our Facebook and Instagram pages @MorningFreshng every Friday
What is in it for me if I choose to enter?
There are lots of amazing prizes to be won in the 30 Million Naira gang promo if you qualify: Each week, 2 millionaires will be made  Every week, there will be various home appliances to be won  Monthly, one person will go home with a kitchen makeover  To cap it, there will be compensation prizes to be won at each redemption centre during our Happy Hours.
I don’t live in Lagos, how do I enter?
Not to worry, the 30 Million naira gang promo is available in 4 regions in Nigeria, which include Lagos, the Middlebelt, the North, and the West.  You could enter the draws if you are in any of these regions. To find out more about centres close to you, please click here