Do you love plantain?


Whether fried, boiled, grilled or even as a “swallow” with soup, you can never go wrong with plantain. It works as a perfect side that goes nicely with most of our favourite dishes – jollof rice and beans. It also helps that it’s always available in the market, so no off-season for this reliable food ingredient.


Here are some really amazing health benefits of plantain guaranteed to make you love it even more!


  1. Eases constipation: According to Nutrition and You, plantain is a good source of dietary fibre. This nutrient helps to relieve constipation by increasing the speed of food as it’s digested in the body.


  1. Enriches the heart: Research shows that plantain contains potassium which can greatly lower your risk of getting a heart attack and hypertension. How exactly? It significantly regulates your heartbeat and lowers blood pressure in the body cells.


  1. Gives energy: If you have been experiencing extreme fatigue lately, a delicious plantain dish can give you that much-needed energy boost. According to the experts at Health Guidance, the proteins and vitamins in plantain aid energy-producing enzymes at work in your body. Plantain also contains a good amount of sugar, especially ripe plantain, that produces this energy and is easily absorbed by the body.


  1. Strengthens bones: Plantain is rich in calcium and this helps to strengthen bones and prevent fractures. An added benefit is the strengthening of nails and teeth, as cited byLivestrong.


  1. Aids brain activities: Also worth noting is plantain’s important chemical property called serotonin. Studies show that it’s responsible for improving brain activities like sleeping, thinking and keeping moods stable, as stated in Livestrong,


  1. Improves eye sight: Last but not least, there is the benefit eating plantain provides to our eyes. Plantain is a great source of beta-carotene, a plant pigment which produces Vitamin A after digestion. This vitamin is an essential nutrient for improved vision and can even reduce your risk of eye infections.