Akara, or fried beans cake, is a popular breakfast option in Nigeria. You can buy Akara on the roadside or make your own batch at home. Size and chili spice content also vary.


Serves – 8 people

700g of brown beans (1 big tin)

Red bell pepper (Tatashe pepper)

Bonnet pepper (Atarodo)

Mamador Pure Vegetable Oil

2 large onion bulbs

Seasoning cubes


Salt to taste


Step 1

Soak the beans in water for 20-30 minutes then wash to remove the thin outer coat.

Step 2

Wash the beans to remove the brownish outer coat, keep squeezing, washing and sieving till you are left with the white beans.

Step 3

Add all of them (beans, onions, atarodo and tatashe) in a small clean bucket and take to the commercial grinding mill to grind.

Step 4

After grinding, pour your paste in a bowl and with a wooden spoon whisk the paste till the mixture is light and fluffy.


Step 5While still in the bowl, add seasoning cubes and salt to taste. Taste the entire mixture.

Step 6

Pour Mamador Pure Vegetable Oil into a deep pot or frying pan, scoop the paste with a spoon and drop in hot oil.

Step 7

Fry till golden brownStep 8Serve with Bread, Custard, Pap, Agidi or Eko and Garri.

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