Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the kids have been asked to stay home, and as parents, we’ve had to come up with creative ways to keep them engaged, busy and learning during this time. Schools have gradually introduced methods for teaching the kids from home and online learning may just be the new normal.

How are your kids learning from home? Here are some important online learning tips to ensure that we get it right:

  1. Give them the right tools:

Just as you would give your kids the necessary stationery such as books, biros, pencils etc that they need for physical school, it’s also important that we equip them with the necessary tools they need for online schooling. Essential items that your child will need for an effective online learning class includes writing materials, a tablet or laptop and good internet connection.

writing materials

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2. Set a dedicated learning space:

Setting out a makeshift classroom space at home for the kids to learn puts them in work mode and increases their concentration during learning hours. This dedicated learning space should be in a quiet area of the house and free from distractions such as television, games etc. 

learning space

3. Regulate their internet use:

Though the internet has become a major tool for learning during this period, it’s also very important to regulate the kid’s internet usage. This is because the internet is filled with an overwhelming amount of information, a lot of which the kids shouldn’t be exposed to. Configure their learning devices to restrict them from visiting apps or sites other than the designated ones for learning, and always have an adult on standby to supervise them.

4. Take digital breaks:

Just like with regular school, the kids also need some time off during the day to cool their heads and recharge. Also, overuse of screen time can have adverse effects on their brains, so give them regular breaks in between their online classes to eat, play, watch tv, get some fresh air so that they can be at optimal performance for the next lesson.

5. Maintain a schedule:

Creating a daily learning schedule for the kids will help keep everyone organised and also give room for other off-screen activities for the whole family. Help them create their own schedules and timetables for the week and set specific learning hours during which they have to be at their desks learning. Experts also recommend keeping the children on the same sleeping schedule that they had when they were going to school.

    6. Allow them to interact with their peers:

While social distancing is the keyword during this time and it might not be safe to allow your kids see their friends in person, you can, however, allow them to communicate with their classmates online through phone or video calls. This way they can maintain communication with their peers even from home.

7. Check-in with other parents:

Remember that you’re not alone on this journey. You can check in with other parents in your kid’s school to find out how they’re holding up. Compare notes, tips and tools. Who knows? You might just learn a more effective way to do things.


Without a doubt, this period can be a challenging time for families all over the world. But with these helpful tips, you and your loved ones can navigate this difficult time and make the most out of online learning for your child.

Which of these tips will you be practising in your home? Share with us in the comments.