Beautiful Barbecue Weather!

It’s a nice sunny day and there’s not a cloud in sight; sounds like the perfect time for a barbecue!

Here are a few recipes to help you and your friends throw the perfect one!

Barbecued Chicken Recipe

Chicken, a staple of any great Nigerian get-together, this is the perfect meat to put on the grill first.

Whether people want to eat it as a snack, drumstick in hand, or as an accompaniment for their rice or potatoes; this is a popular and versatile meat only improved by a smoky barbecue flavour.

You can’t go wrong with barbecued chicken!

Goat Meat Asun Recipe

This Suya-like dish is a must-have at any good barbecue.

Goat Meat, a good source of protein that’s low in fat, delivers the beautiful combination of healthy and tasty to your barbecue leaving your friends hovering around the grill waiting for their opportunity to collect another, guilt-free piece.

Perfect on a kebab stick, this is a great snack for your day.

Egg Fried Rice Recipe

Any good platter of charred meat needs the perfect side-dish to accompany. That is where this imported Chinese rice dish comes in.

Easy to cook and full of flavour, this is a flexible dish that leaves a lot of room for experimentation depending on which vegetables you want in your rice.

It is also, thanks to the marriage of vegetables (fibre), egg (protein) and rice (carbohydrates), nutritionally balanced.

Consider your array complete!

BBQ cooking tip

Did you know it’s healthier and safer to use only a food grade barrel as a BBQ barrel rather than a paint barrel? Make sure you consider this when planning your next BBQ!

Enjoy the sunny weather and have a wonderful barbecue =)