This low-carbohydrate meal is a great choice for younger kids or the elderly. It can be enjoyed as an appetizer dish or a light dinner.


Serves – 6 people

Medium head Cabbage (Shredded/Chopped)

Mamador Pure Vegetable Oil

1 medium sized onion (Chopped)

2 medium sized garlic cloves (chopped)

2 medium sized Carrots (Diced)

Salt to taste

1 Seasoning cube

½ tablespoon of Black Pepper

½ tablespoon of Ground Chili Pepper

½ kg of Beef cuts (boiled and cut into bite-size pieces)


Step 1

In a Deep pan, pour 4 tablespoons of Mamador Pure Vegetable Oil and heat over medium heat.

Step 2

When the oil is hot, pour in the diced carrot, chopped onions and garlic; stir continuously until the onions are transparent.

Step 3

Add 1 and a ½ cups of water and leave to boil for 3 mins.

Step 4

Add the black pepper, chilli pepper,seasoning cube, and salt to taste.

Step 5

Put in the boiled beef cuts, leave to cook for 10 mins.

Step 6

Add shredded cabbage, and cook until cabbage is tender; stirring at intervals.

Step 7

Enjoy hot!

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