Many Nigerian cooks will already be aware of the practice of freezing stews and storing them, more times than not, in an empty ice cream tub.

However, did you know that you can also freeze fresh ingredients too in order to avoid waste?

For example, that red wine you used to make your rich sauce? Yep, you can save even the last drops of that by pouring it into an ice cube container and freezing it. Next time you’re cooking a rich sauce, just take out as many cubes as you need and pop them into your sauce as you would with any stock cube.

This method, however, doesn’t only apply to liquids but fresh herbs as well. Chopped a little too much ugwu leaves? Feeling bad about wasting good mint or basil leaves? Just add a little bit of water and freeze it in an ice cube container.

This method also allows for ingredients to easily be measured out in the form of ice cubes making for an easy and waste-free way to cook.