Goat Meat Pepper Soup, also known as nwo-nwo or ngwo-ngwo, is a spicy dish that is best served hot in order to get the most flavour out of its ingredients. It’s best served with a chilled glass of beer or wine, and can be eaten with boiled plantain or yam.


Serves 3 people

Goat meat (10 small pieces)

3 tablespoons of pepper soup spice mix

Mamador vegetable oil

2 tablespoons of dry blended hot chilli

3 seasoning cubes

Salt to taste

1 small onion, chopped

1 small ginger, chopped

1 small garlic, chopped

A few scent leaves


Step 1

Wash, clean and season the goat meat with salt and set aside

Step 2

Set a medium size pot on medium heat, add in the washed goat, 1 cup of water, seasoning, onion, ginger and garlic.

Step 3

Cover the pot and leave the meat to cook for one hour (or until very tender).

Step 4

Add one cooking spoon of Mamador vegetable oil.

Step 5

Add another 4 cups of water to the pre-cooked meat, add in the pepper soup spice and chilli powder combination.

Step 6

Taste for seasoning and adjust.

Step 7

Cover and simmer for another 25-30 mins.

Step 8

Tip: Ever tried pepper soup and Agidi/Eko? Try it! Enjoy your meal!

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