Cleaning the home can be a very stressful chore, especially when the kitchen is involved. With cluttered cabinets, dirty dishes and grimy cooking appliances, cleaning your kitchen is a continuous job that never really ends. And because the kitchen is always in use, it will always require proper cleaning.

This step by step guide aims to give you an idea of how clean your kitchen in a timely and efficient manner. To start, you’ll need the following cleaning materials:

  • Morning Fresh dishwashing liquid.
  • Morning Fresh Scouring Powder
  • Sponge
  • Cleaning cloths
  • Broom and Mop
  • Small bucket


  • Clear up Kitchen Surfaces

Separate all the items that belong in the kitchen from the ones that don’t. Put away all kitchen items in their proper places and arrange accordingly. Remove all items that do not belong in the kitchen. (you can put these items in a basket to be put away later)

  • Start at the Top

Dust the ceiling, light fixtures and corner of walls using a long-handled duster and work around the perimeter of the kitchen. Make sure to clean the tops of the refrigerator and cabinets.

  • Gather all Dirty Dishes

Place a large bucket in the sink and fill with warm, soapy water. Gather all the dirty pans, pots and dishes into the large bucket and allow the dishes to soak. You’ll come back to these dishes later.

  • Clean Refrigerator

Remove all empty food containers from the refrigerator. Dispose of stale or expired foods. Wet a small cleaning cloth with water and a tiny amount of dishwashing liquid and clean the fridge shelves from top to bottom.

  • Clean Microwave and upper cabinets

Use a wet sponge to clean the inside and outside of the microwave. Wipe down the doors and sides of the upper cabinets and any other thing hanging on the walls. Make sure to clean any oil or grease spilt on the walls from cooking or blending.

  • Countertops and Vertical Surfaces.

Use a cleaning cloth to wipe down the kitchen table and countertops, making sure to clean the top of the stove/cooker. Clean the front of all appliances like the fridge, oven and cooker, including the handles and outside edges. Also, wipe down the doors and sides of the lower cabinets.

  • Wash Dishes and Clean Sink

Wash the dishes that were placed in the sink. After washing, drain the water and rinse the sink with warm water. Clean the basin with a mild abrasive like the Morning Fresh scouring powder and rinse with warm water. Wipe down the tap faucet and sink with a cleaning cloth.

  • Take Out the Trash

Make sure to empty the trash and clean the inside of the can before replacing.

  • Sweep and Mop the Floor.

Now is the time to sweep all the debris that has accumulated in the course of your cleaning. Make sure to gather all the dirt from every corner of the kitchen. Mop the floor when you’re done the cleaning.

  • Final Step

Now is the time to rest. You have done well. Grab a cold drink from the fridge and congratulate yourself on a job well done.