Four Fun Ways to Celebrate It

It’s funny how time flies. Tomorrow, Nigeria will be 59 years, marking the time since she gained her independence from the British in 1960 and we are grateful for this journey. It’s been 59 years of growth, hope and resilience in the face of overwhelming odds. No matter your level of patriotism, the first of October every year is a time to have fun and celebrate our great nation, Nigeria.

What plans do you have for Independence Day tomorrow? If you’re wondering what to do, we have collated four fun ways to make this holiday count.

1)      Cook

What a better way to celebrate Independence than to prepare a tasty, mouth-watering dish that showcases Nigeria’s culture? Get the whole family into the kitchen, grab your camera and capture beautiful memories as you cook together. You could make this more fun by cooking exotic dishes that have the colours of the Nigerian Flag. Examples include;

  • Pounded Yam and Efo-Riro
  • White rice and seafood vegetable sauce.
  • Coconut rice and salad with fried chicken.

Enjoy these delicious meals with family and let Morning Fresh clean up after.

2)    Go Out

You don’t have to stay home this independence day. The first of October is always packed with events all over the country. This holiday, you could;

  • Head out with loved ones to the beach.
  • Visit a national landmark in your state.
  • Attend a comedy show.
  • Visit the museum. Museums in Nigeria include the Nigerian National Museum at Onikan Lagos, the National Museum in Benin City, the National War Museum in Umuahia, the Jos Museum etc.
  • Meet up with friends at the mall. You could go grab lunch or see a movie and take this time out to catch up on each others’ lives.
  • Take the kids to a children’s show.
  • Visit the zoo. Zoos in Nigeria include the Ogba Zoo in Benin City, the University of Ibadan Zoological Garden, the Jos Wildlife Park etc.

Wherever you go, don’t forget to wear something patriotic and proudly hoist your Nigerian flag.

3)      Invite Friends Over

You can use this holiday to catch up with close friends as well. Host a small party at home, cook or order some light, tasty meals and invite your friends to come celebrate at your house. Put on your stereo and enjoy great music in the company of friends that matter.

4)      Relax

So, maybe you’ve had a stressful month and you just don’t feel like stepping out this holiday. You can still make this independence day a fun one. Gather the whole family together, relax and bond over a movie or television series. Get your board and video games out and spend some quality time with the kids. And don’t forget to enjoy some popcorn or small chops while you’re at it.

Nigeria is our home. Let us celebrate this independence in love and unity.