So, you just got engaged and you’re wondering how to make your wedding celebration an unforgettable one without breaking the bank. The traditional wedding is a time to showcase the richness of Nigeria’s culture and style. Accompanied by beautiful attires, delicious dishes, music and exotic accessories, the family of the couple gets a chance to unite and interact with each other. You want this ceremony to be as seamless as possible and we have collated a checklist to help you do just that.

  1. Enjoy your Proposal. You just got engaged! You’re entering another phase of your life and that’s a big deal. Take a moment to savor it. Enjoy the beautiful feeling that fills you up at the thought of getting married.


  1. Announce It. The groom’s family should formally announce the engagement to the bride’s family. Traditionally, he is expected to visit the bride’s family along with his and formally ask for her hand in marriage. The groom’s family should ask the bride’s parents about the procedures for the customary traditional wedding rites. This is to determine the amount for the bride price and what is required to present to the bride’s family during the traditional wedding.


  1. Select a date and venue for the traditional wedding and confirm if your loved ones will be available on that date.


  1. Create your guest list. Who are you inviting to celebrate your special day with you? The larger your guest list, the more you will be expected to spend, so create this list carefully.


  1. Set your budget for the traditional wedding. It is important that you do this before you pay for anything so as to prevent overspending.


  1. Determine the dress code for the ceremony. What colours are you and your guests wearing? Do you want coordinated outfits? If yes, make sure to inform your guests on time.


  1. Hire vendors (e.g caterers, decorators, photographers e.t.c)


  1. Have a great time. This is an important day in your life. Make it a priority to be present with your partner and enjoy the beautiful ceremony that you have planned for yourself and your guests.