The authentic Indian snack can be made with a wide selection of filings like minced meat, spiced potatoes, onions, lentils, etc. The Nigerian variation is usually made with mince, served along with a chilli dip as an appetizer.


Serves – 8 people

1 cup of flour

4 tbsp of Mamador Pure Vegetable Oil

Enough water to knead the flour

Enough Mamador Pure Vegetable Oil for deep frying

For the filling:

2 boiled potatoes (crumbled)

1/4 cup of boiled peas

1/4 tsp of grated ginger

1 tsp of red chilli powder

Chopped coriander leaves

Salt to taste


Step 1

For the stuffing: Mix the flour with salt, and 2 tbsp of Mamador Pure Vegetable Oil. Combine to form a crumbly mixture. Slowly add enough water to make a pliable dough, not too soft. Divide the dough and shape into balls. Keep aside for 15-20 minutes.

Step 2

Heat your frying pan, add 2 tbsp Mamador Pure Vegetable Oil, add the ginger, chilli powder and a tablespoon of water and stir fry for 30 secs. Add the crumbled potatoes and boiled peas and continue stir frying for 3-4 mins. Add the coriander leaves and turn off heat.

Step 3

Now that the stuffing is ready, prepare the outer layer (pastry layer) for the Samosas: Take each piece of dough and roll in your palms first. Then roll it with a rolling pin into a circle (doesn’t have to be a perfect circle), making the dough about 1/8 of an inch thick. Cut diagonally through the center of the samosa pastry with a knife or a pastry cutter.

Step 4

Form a cone with the samosa pastry. Stuff the samosa cone with the potato-peas filling, press the ends firmly so that the filling does not come out during the deep frying process. Repeat this process for each samosa.

Step 5

Heat enough oil in a wide frying pan to deep-fry the samosas. Drop the samosas into the oil slowly and deep fry them till golden brown, turning them carefully to the other side so that it cooks on all sides. Deep fry on medium heat Note: It’s better to make samosas in batches. Roll out, stuff and deep fry 5-6 samosas at a time While preparing the next batch of samosas, reduce the stove flame and carry out the process. When deep frying the next batch, see that the oil is hot enough to deep fry. Keep the prepared samosas covered throughout the preparation process.

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