Deep frying is certainly a popular method of preparing certain foods especially in this part of the globe. Common foods to be deep fried are Chicken, Turkey, Fish, Sausages, Bacon, Potato Chips, Sweet Potatoes, and Plantain etc

Following these simple tips and tricks that we have shared below will definitely ensure yummier results for you and your family and help prevent greasy, unappetizing foods.

See below 5 tips & tricks to a smarter and more efficient way to deep frying:

#1 The Perfect Oil Is Bae: You might be tempted to use extra-virgin olive oil but vegetable oil is more advisable for deep frying; because it has a high smoke point and is super economical.

#2 Re-use Wisely: With some deep fryer, it helps filter the cooking oil so that you can actually reuse it. For frying pans, you can also strain the oil, once it’s cooled, through a cheesecloth and then store the oil in a dark, cool place. However, it is advisable not to re-use oils for too long.

#3 Safety Is Key: if you’re using a deep fryer, the temperature should be clearly displayed at all times. If you’re using a pot to deep fry, keep an eye on the temperature of the oil. NEVER leave oil unattended to. Also, remember you should NEVER throw water on a grease fire.

#4 Overcrowding Isn’t Cute: Overcrowding your deep-fryer or pot will lower the oil’s temperature, which can result in food that’s not properly deep-fried; you then end up with half-cooked food. Think of it as taking a shower with too many people in the bathtub with you…*not cute*

#5 Say No To Oily Food: Most times when your food is really oily, it’s always because of too low cooking temperature. If your oil’s temperature it too low, the food will soak up the oil and still have the insides undone.

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