Did you know that Nigeria has over 300 ethnic groups? Our beautiful nation is actually one of the most culturally diverse in Africa. Awesome right!

Well like the saying goes; to whom much is given, much more is expected! lol

So with such diversity, wouldn’t it have been fatal to have only a few cuisines? Thank goodness that isn’t the case! Our culture offers a wide range of amazing and finger-licking cuisines.

The truth is many of these dishes have managed to actually transcend their ethnic borders and gone ahead to be adapted by other ethnic regions (some meals even re-mixed in the process), sometimes internationally. However, these meals are still known to be indigenous to their originating regions.

Today, Ms Morning Fresh shall be sharing with you some of Nigeria’s cuisines; where they can be found and the various tribes associated with them in Nigeria.

#1 Lafun & Ewedu: This is the most popular meal eaten by the Ibadan people. Lafun is made from cassava flour while Ewedu is a local soup made with vegetables. These two are eaten together as a delicious combination. Ibadan is the capital of Oyo State which can be found in the Western part of Nigeria.

#2 Black Soup (Omoebe) & Starch: This meal has its origins from the South-South region of Nigeria; Benin City to be precise. The name of the soup comes from the colour, as the vegetables used – Bitter leaf and Effirin, when grounded gives off a very dark colour.

#3 Miyan Kuka: This is certainly one of the most famous soups from the Northern region of Nigeria and when translated, it is called “Boabab leaf soup”. The green draw-soup is made from ground baobab leaf and special spices, preferably ‘Yaji’ – a mixture of ground pepper, ginger, garlic and other seasonings/herbs. Precise states where it can be found in the North include Kaduna, Kano, Kebbi or Adamawa.

#4 Afang soup: Though this soup is native to the Efik tribe in Akwa Ibom; the South-South region of Nigeria, It is equally popular among neighbouring tribes (Ibibio, Anang) and even Cross River state. This soup is a delicacy amongst her people and can be eaten with Eba, Semovita or Pounded Yam. It can also be eaten alone if preferred that way.

#5 Okazi soup: This soup is indigenous to the Abia state indigenes; the Eastern region of Nigeria. The Okazi soup is certainly finger-licking as it has egusi lumps and achara leaves deployed to garnish this soup. The Okazi soup can be eaten with Eba, Semovita or Pounded Yam.

So if you ever find yourself in any of the mentioned regions/locations, make sure you do yourself a favour and try them out. You’d be quite pleased.

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