“knock Knock o Mama Dona, where you dey?”

“See me here o, ah ah you don finish now now abi? I tell you say this Morning Fresh na the ogbonge dishwashing liquid”

“ah you no lie o! naso i be dey struggle with that regular dishwashing liquid wey Mama Solo sell give me, for say I know, I for come meet you for help since.”

“ah, no worry, Morning Fresh dey for you.”

“Mama Dona, the only thing wey dey vex me be say Mama Solo lie give me, she tell me say her own dishwashing liquid go work, but na lie. She still collect my money join as if na better thing she dey give me. As you see me so, I dey match go there, no be the first time she dey do me this kind thing. na wickedness be this now! Why you go make me suffer for Kitchen like this, waste my time, still come waste my  money? Today, her cup don full. I no go look am say she be my neighbor too sef, I go tell am my mind finish.”

“ah Mama Sunny, take am easy o. Why bother yourself? shebi I don give you the Superior grease-cutting power, ehn, leave am and move on”

“hmmm. Mama Dona, e be like say you no know me, abeg wait I dey go now. later, help me watch Sunny o abeg. I  no go waste time”

Mama Sunny walked away quickly before Mama Dona had the chance to stop her again. On Sighting Mama Sunny matching to her store, Mama Solo tried to hide but…

“Hey Mama Solo, no even think am, no try that thing with me rara. Where you dey run go?”

“Ah ah, customer customer, you come?

“No oo, I go.” She backs her statement up with a very harsh long hiss.

“Ah ah, Mama Sunny, we dey fight?”

“Na you go tell me now, why you go dey sell me that your soap wey dey stress me for kitchen? Everytime you go give me different colours, yellow o, brown o, purple o, all of them no dey work and no be say you no know ooo, you kukuma know but because you be greedy person, e go better say you deceive me, your own neighbour, than to sell me better thing.”

“abeg abeg, which kain talk be that Mama Sunny? if na play stop am.”

“na me you dey talk to Mama Solo?”

Hmmm. This fight is not something we can control right now, so join us same time, next week to see what happened in the end.