The holiday season can be a very busy time. With schools closed for the year, the whole family gets to travel and reconnect with loved ones after a long while. Whether you’re hosting a few friends or your house has been chosen as the convening point for the whole extended family, we’ve put together a few tips to help you host effortlessly this holiday season.

  1. Make a Plan

In order to enjoy these holiday moments with your loved ones rather than get bogged down with stress and anxiety, you need to plan. How many guests are you having over? What do you need to buy to make the stay a pleasant one? Decide on what you’ll eat throughout that period, create an appropriate food menu and stock up on everything you’ll need.

There’ll be a lot of cooking during this holiday period and you’ll need to stock up on the right kind of dishwashing liquid. With its superior grease-cutting power, Morning Fresh will ease the kitchen stress, giving you oil-free squeaky-clean dishes afterwards. Having a set plan will also help prevent anxiety and overthinking when the holiday activities are in full gear and you need to make quick decisions.

plan your holiday this christmas

  1. Cook Ahead of Time

One of the most important things you can do to reduce the stress this holiday season is to prepare as much food in advance as possible. Do your meal preps ahead of time and store what you can in the freezer. This will drastically reduce the time spent cooking in the kitchen, leaving you free to do other things during the holiday.

cooking for holiday

  1. Prep the Guest Room

The guest room should be made as comfortable as possible. Take out time to tidy up, clean out all the dirt, grease and shine all the dull surfaces with the Morning Fresh Scouring powder. Remove any items in the bedroom that can cause allergies such as fur, wool and dust. Open up the windows to let air into the room and clear up some storage space for your guests’ luggage.

prep guest room for holiday

  1. Plan Fun Activities Together.

Another thing to consider when hosting for the holiday is to determine how you’ll spend this time together. Staying cooped up in the house all day can easily become tiring and you can spice things up with fun family holiday outings. Visit the cinema, the beach or the zoo. Drive around town and see the sights together. You can also create a healthy competition with games and sports this holiday.


  1. It’s Okay to Ask for Help

Trying to make sure everyone is comfortable, well-fed and entertained can easily become very overwhelming. But the good news is that you don’t have to do everything yourself. You can appoint younger family members to carry out specific chores and help out when necessary in the kitchen.

  1. Enjoy the Holidays

The main reason for having your loved ones come over is to spend quality time with them and celebrate the season together. So, even with the constant running around, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy this holiday with the people you love. Take deep breaths, eat, drink, be merry and create beautiful memories that will last forever.

The key to enjoying a stress-free holiday season is to plan appropriately and not wait until the last minute. I hope you found these tips useful. 

What other methods do you adopt when hosting? Let us know in the comments.