A clogged sink drain can be very frustrating. There’s this helpless feeling you get when you pour

water down your sink and it just won’t drain. With dirty water backing up your sink and a
counter full of dirty dishes, you need a solution. And you need it fast!
Now, before you take any drastic action or spend so much money on getting a plumber, here
are the top easy, do-it-yourself ways to unclog your oily and greasy sink drain.

1. Morning Fresh
Morning fresh is your best choice for breaking down any greasy residue that has clogged your
sink. This is because Morning Fresh's liquid and scouring powder give you guaranteed
performance time and time again. Simply pour half a cup of Morning Fresh scouring powder
down your sink and let it sit in the drain for 30 minutes. Then, pour some hot water mixed with
the dishwashing liquid down the drain to unclog your sink.

2. Boiling Water
This method is easy and inexpensive, thus making it the first choice for most homeowners.
Simply put your kettle on and boil as much water as it will hold. Scoop out the standing water in
the sink using a small pot or plastic container. Then, pour half a cup of salt down the drain and
add the hot water slowly in two stages, allowing the water to work for a few seconds in
between each pour. You may need to repeat this process several times to unclog the sink.

3. Baking soda and salt
This is another combination that will work to remove your sink clog. Simply mix half a cup of
baking soda with another half cup of table salt and pour down the sink drain. Let the mixture sit
for about 20 minutes and then flush with boiling water. This mixture of baking soda, salt and
boiling water will produce a chemical reaction that will dissolve the blockage in your sink.
Now, you can cook those amazing, tasty oil-based meals without any worries.

Morning Fresh has got your back!