Had Mama Solo, the vendor lied? or perhaps she didn’t know what she was selling at the time, “that cannot be possible” muttered the already angered Mama Sunny. Grease after grease, she’d tried to scrub but it seems time had frozen and only torture seems to exist in that moment. She glances at the clock, 4:30pm, turns out time had not frozen after all. How is that she had been washing the dishes for 2 hours now? Something must give because, she thought because she could no longer cower under such kitchen torture. 

Frustration had her wearing rice and beans to Mama Dona’s house just to ask her how she makes a success of herself in the kitchen every time but unfortunately, Mama Dona had stepped out to buy some onions to cook but since she didn’t go far, she thought it unnecessary to lock her door. Mama Sunny gladly took the Morning Fresh and went back to her house.

“na who enter here now now, come take my Morning Fresh?” asked Mama Dona upon her return. Now, even though Mama Sunny heard her, she pretended to know nothing about it and locked her kitchen door.  

“aah ah Mama Sunny, na Morning Fresh you hold so, no dey press am like that. One drop go do am” said Mama Dona as she watched Mama Sunny through the window.

“I know say na you go carry my Morning Fresh”

“abeg, no vex, Sunny don too chop sotey you go think say man dey get belle, now plates don full everywhere, I just tire, I be wan use am sharp sharp”.

“No wahala, dey use am, I dey come. you go come thank me when you finish”.

“ah, okay, so na just small abi”

“yes, one drop sef go do the magic”.

Stay tuned to find out what happened next, trust us, you don’t want to miss the big wahala that happened in the market afterwards.