Meet Adrienne.

Adrienne is a single mum and works at the local clinic full time.

Adrienne has a 5 year old son, Brian who loves football, gaming and FOOD! Every mother’s dream yes?

Well, last week Adrienne came home from a forty-eight hour long shift and guess what; due to a miscommunication with her nanny, a full pot of jollof rice, veggies, etc had been left out all the while on the stove.

Well Adrienne gets home and finds the pot still on the stove, she gets really downcast as she sees the look of genuine hunger on Brian’s face and she was too exhausted to cook anything fresh.

What should she do?

Before you answer, need we state that even after rice is cooked and left to cool, it still contains traces of bacillus cereus- a bacteria that grows and produces a toxin that makes you sick. Reheating doesn’t help either.

However, there are 3 guidelines that can help minimize the risk of getting sick from cooked rice.

  • Leftover rice should be cooled quickly and refrigerated within 1-2 hours
  • When refrigerating a large quantity of rice, move it from the pot in which it cooked into a clean, cooler container.
  • Refrigerate rice only for a short period of days (1-2)
  • Reheat cooked rice only once.

In answer to Adrienne’s dilemma, Yes! She should absolutely should throw it out. Did you learn a thing or two from Adrienne’s story? Send us your feedback because we would love to hear from you.

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