Nadine had been working as a nanny for close to a decade. There was nothing she didn’t know with regards to nutrition, raising kids, cleaning the home and home-making in general. Or so she thought.

She then always wondered why her “madam” was always yelling at her when it came to one aspect- Dish Washing!

It wasn’t that Nadine didn’t know how to wash the dishes, It was what she did after she had washed the dishes that was a big problem to madam- Nadine never had the patience to dry them properly.

Putting your dishes away in your cabinets before they’re totally dry is the surest way to make them grow all sorts of bacteria that are in turn harmful to your health by breeding diseases.

What about towel drying you might say? Unfortunately, towel drying doesn’t completely eradicate moisture, plus towels also run the risk of harboring bacteria themselves, as they hold on to so much moisture.

So what’s the best way to dry your dishes you ask? Air drying.

This is usually done using a sink-side drying rack. The most important thing you should be considering when drying your dishes is your family’s health.

Pretty simple you might say but most people don’t still know why air drying dishes is essential to good health.

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