Know the way some of your electronic gadgets double as work, entertainment, social devices and much more? Well, your kitchen appliances are in the exact bubble of multitasking too!

Allow Ms Morning Fresh share some insights on some of them today.

Cooking appliances with dual/multiple uses include food processors, ovens which could also double as a grill, electric grinders and electric multi-cookers.

Food Processors:

Food processors are simply winners in the kitchen because they can be used to slice some fruits, chop your veggies and nuts. Food processors can also handle your pre-baking prep work such as mixing dough or combining ingredients for coleslaw. The multi-functional appliance is equipped with several, varying blades and a combination of speeds/ settings.


Many multi-cookers are can also be used for deep frying, pressure cooking, steaming and rice cooking.


Grinders can also simplify your morning prep by grinding coffee for your coffee pot OR spices for meal prep.


A lot of ovens also serve as a multi-functional appliance to bake your desserts like cakes, cookies and brownie etc but they also have the capability to grill meats, fishes, lamb etc for your main course.

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