Its 7:20 am on a weekday and the kids are not yet ready for school. Your make-up is half applied and as you pack up their lunch boxes, you remember that you still have a number of things to tidy up work that morning. Trying to get yourself and the kids ready and out of the house on time can be a very stressful chore and it requires a lot of planning to be successful at it.

We’ve collated a few tips to help you minimize the early morning rush in the home. They include:


  • Pre-Preparation is Key


To stay on top of your mornings, it’s always important to plan ahead. What are the kids going to take to school the next day? What pending activities do you have to complete? A little meal prep can go a long to ease up your mornings. You can also save time and stress by washing the dirty dishes the night before with Morning Fresh, the number 1 dishwashing liquid. Pack the kids lunch bags if possible and place all items you’ll need for work the next day in one place.


  • Maximize the Weekends


Sometimes, it’s the little details that end up being the most frustrating. Take time out during the weekend to tidy up the small things like planning and ironing your outfits for the week, do your grocery shopping and carry out any required repairs.


  • Don’t Forget your Early Morning Ritual


Starting your day the right way is important and it goes a long to help reduce stress during the weekdays. What is your early morning routine? Set aside a few minutes to carry out this activity. This will help place you in the right mood for the activities of the day.


  • Assign Responsibilities to Your Loved Ones


Sometimes, the break you need lies in delegating. You don’t necessarily have to everything by yourself. Task a loved one with washing up after breakfast, another with making sure everyone is properly dressed. This will make the process easier and give you some spare minutes to focus on other things.


  • Eat Breakfast


Even though you’re in a hurry, it’s important not to skip breakfast. This is because eating breakfast helps to kickstart the body’s metabolism for the day’s activities, thus helping you concentrate and work more effectively.


  • Place Things Where You Can Find Them


The best way to ensure that you leave the house as at when due is to place everything you’ll need in easy-to-find places. There’s nothing as frustrating as looking for a missing pair of socks or keys when you’re already late. Keep the children’s lunch boxes close to the refrigerator, arrange the school uniforms close by and keep your purse, phone and keys close to the door. It also helps to write a short list daily of everything you’ll need for the next day so that you can check off each task as you complete them.


  • Hair and Makeup in Under 10 Minutes


To handle the stress that comes with the early morning rush, it’s advisable to maintain an everyday style routine that works for you; the simpler the better. Apply minimal makeup and simple hairdos that you can finish within a very short time. Alternatively, you can also keep a few makeup products in your bag to touch up when necessary.

Each day is different and comes with its own challenges, but if you have a consistent morning routine, it will help you even on those unpredictable days. These tips will also help you develop time-saving habits that you can employ in other areas of your life. In what other ways do you handle the early morning rush at home?

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