Nature has blessed us with a lot of things but it is safe to say fruits are one of the best things to have ever graced our world and taste buds. Fruits asides looking really attractive and tasting very juicy, are also very healthy, so healthy they should be inculcated in our daily diet. While we enjoy the succulence of our juicy fruits, we should also pay attention to the nutrients they give so that we can track the intake of the necessary nutrients needed by our body. This would help us have the adequate amount of nutrients that we really need. Also, if you really love your fruits but you are scared of extra calorie intake, well guess what? fruits are in your favour. Fruits are usually very low in calories and provide the energy you need to stay active all day long.


Although we love certain fruits more than others, we cannot have them in all seasons as different fruits have specific seasons in which they grow as not all seasons favour the growth of all our favourite fruits.  This season, however, we are lucky to have some really healthy delicious fruits in season, and trust us when we say this is good news!


The fruits we have in season are watermelons, soursops, a wide range of citrus fruits and the fleshy avocados. To be honest, we can’t end this conversation without exploring the health benefits of these fruits because we know you need to fully grasp the importance of fruit intake.

  1. WATERMELONS: Watermelons consist of about 92% of water, hence its name. Watermelons have a really juicy flesh which nearly melts into just delicious water once it gets into your mouth. Watermelons are quite healthy and beneficial to our bodies as they help you hydrate because of its water content. They contain  46 calories only, so if you are battling with weight loss, well, with watermelons, you can eat healthily and have one less problem to worry about. They also contain Vit.c, A and many healthy plant compounds which are beneficial to us. Extensive research has shown that they may help prevent cancer and improve heart health. With this, we bet you are already craving some watermelons.


  1. SOURSOPS: Try to imagine the taste that comes if you could taste the good things of life, hard to imagine right? but you don’t need your imagination to come to play because that is exactly what soursop tastes like. Soursops tastes like a juicy combination of strawberry and pineapple, how Juicy! The typical soursop is green, has no definite shape and has a rather rough exterior. Soursop is a clear example of ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ because left alone for the appearance of the fruits, no one might want to try it. Ripe soursops are often so soft, you can break it open with your bare hands. The pulpy flesh is white,  very delicious and can be used to prepare drinks, desserts, smoothies and even candy. Research has shown that the nutrients and compounds in soursop help kill cancer cells, fights bacteria, boosts immunity and may help stabilize blood sugar levels. who is going to to be trying some soursop today?


  1. AVOCADOS: Avocados are quite unique in their makeup because while most fruits consist of carbohydrates, they consist of healthy fats. The fat in avocados is actually heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids and is responsible for keeping your heart healthy.  There are quite a number of ways to enjoy the avocado, especially with its insides having a similar appearance and taste to butter. It can be scooped with a spoon and eaten plain but have you ever had it with bread?  Thank us later.