Ever had that disastrous moment when you get a spill on your outfit? Now not just any kind of spill…. But a palm oil spill… *The horror*.

Palm oil spills are the worst kind of spills and looking at the damage they’ve caused on clothing even leaves you feeling more down cast.

Before we get into how to deal with stain removal and all of that, here’s a brief intro to palm oil-it is cooking oil that is made from the nuts of the oil palm tree.

We’ve got some tips to help you out and the great thing about it all is you can do it at home without spending all that money at a dry cleaner’s place.

Something’s you’ll need are Baking Soda, Detergent & Pre-wash stain remover.

Now, here’s what you need to do:

  • Scrape off any palm oil grease on clothing with knife.
  • Cover the palm oil grease on your clothes with baking soda; wait 10 minutes.
  • Brush off the baking soda and blot stain spot with serviettes.
  • Put a small amount of any grease removal detergent onto the palm oil grease stain. Rub the stain with your finger in small circles; let it set for five minutes.
  • Rinse the clothing with very hot water while rubbing the palm oil grease stain.
  • Rub on a Morning Fresh Dishwashing Liquid and wait five minutes before washing the clothes

Pretty amazing right?

Now you don’t have to worry your pretty little heads when next you or your kids have a ‘palm oil’ slip up.

Do let us know if you do try this at home. Send us your feedback because we would love to hear from you.

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