This is delicious meal is inspired by yam peppersoup using irish potatoes. The rich blend of flavours from the beef broth mixed with the potatoes is indeed a tasty delight! Enjoy this rich comfort food on a cool night.

Serves – 5 people

1 kg of beef, cut into bite size chunks

2 medium size onions, sliced

2 medium size garlic, peeled and smashed

4 large carrots, sliced

1 tbsp of tomato paste

2 tsp of ground pepper

2 tbsp of flour

2 cups of water

Handful of scent leaves

3 tbsp of Mamador Pure Vegetable Oil

1 kg of Irish potatoes, washed and cut into chunks

Seasoning to taste

Salt to taste


Step 1

Pour your beef into a pot and add salt, half of the onions, half of the garlic and seasoning. Boil for 5 minutes .

Step 2

Add 1 tbsp of Mamador Pure Vegetable Oil to the beef stock and reduce heat.

Step 3

In another pot, heat 2 cups of water on low heat bringing it to a simmer, add tomato paste, ground pepper, scent leaves, onions and garlic and cook for a few minutes.

Step 4

Add the beef and stock to the simmering mix, add flour (Tip: dissolve the flour with a few spoons of stock) stir well and continue simmering for 5 mins.

Step 5

Add carrots, potatoes and 2 tbsp of Mamador Pure Vegetable Oil and cook for 15 – 20 mins until potatoes are cooked.

Step 6

Check for seasoning and adjust to taste.

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